Billing Policy

Dr. Laurie A. Marti, MD is not a contracted provider for any insurance company, Medicaid, or Medicare program.  This clinic does not perform any billing services on your behalf.


Payment is expected at time of service.  We accept personal checks, cash, and credit cards.


Fee Schedule:

120 minutes: $800

90 minutes: $675

60 minutes: $450

45 minutes: $400

30 minutes: $275


Email and other forms of communications with Dr. Marti are charged at $500/hour. This includes speaking/communicating with insurance companies, pharmacies and others. Letters and forms are charged with minimum charge of $75.



All returned checks are subject to a $50 processing fee.


All unpaid balances will be assessed a 1.5% charge per month.  For all deliquent accounts, beyond 3 months of unpaid balances, further appointments will not be scheduled and medications cannot be refilled.  A credit card may be placed on file for accounts with recurrent deliquencies.