Our Prices

Here is a summary of our charges.


 Appointments are scheduled at a minimum of 30 minutes ($275).  Charges beyond 30 minutes are billed in 15 minutes increments.  Discounts may be available for multiple visit purchases. Please see fee schedule.


New Patient Visit (CPT code 99205)- Minimum 1 hour:  

$450 for 1 hour.


Follow up Patient Visits (CPT code 99215):        

$275 for 30 minutes

$400 for 45 minutes

$450 for 60 minutes

$650 for 90 minutes

$800 for 120 minutes


Dr. Laurie Marti does not do any insurance billing and is not contracted with any insurances, Medicaid, or Medicare.  You must bill your insurance company with the documents provided by Dr. Marti.  Dr. Marti is an "out-of-network" provider.  For Medicare patients, Dr. Marti is an opt-out physician, so you are not allowed to bill Medicare for any charges from Dr. Laurie Marti.

Would you like an individualized consultation?

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