Typical Testing Services

More than just primary care!  At our clinic, you will be tested for various hormonal, neurotransmitter, immune, infectious, blood disorders, DNA mutations, and nutritional serum levels, not just the basic blood testing done at the majority of physician offices.  The goal is to locate underlying problems that contribute to various symptoms and diseases, as well to identify areas of deficits in order to promote better wellness and disease prevention.  This testing is not performed in the office, but available through take-home kits or via local laboratory facilities, such as PacLab, Quest, or LabCorp.  Typical testing can include:


  • Serum analysis 
  • Urine analysis
  • Saliva testing
  • Stool testing

At this time, Dr. Laurie Marti, MD provides only consultation type services.  She does not offer any in-office treatments.