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1) To order Dr. Laurie Marti's "Haute Medicine" book:


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2) NUTRITION GENOME Genetic Report (Tests for MTHFR and several other enzymes that affect Nutrition, Exercise, Detoxification, Methylation, Neurotransmitters, and DNA protection/repair. Comes with recommedations on diet, supplements, recommended further testing, and exercise.


Nutrition Genetic Testing Kit + Report Bundle: $359:

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1) DOCTOR'S SUPPLEMENT WEBSTORE.  Professional Supplement Product Lines, including Neuroscience, Allergy Research Group, Douglas laboratories, Research Nutritionals, Integrative Therapeutics, Thorne, and others....Visit the online supplement store link below.




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2) RESEARCHED NUTRITIONALS (RN) Supplements. Specialty supplements for mold treatment, detoxification, mitochondrial support, histamine support, immune support.

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