Our Philosophy? Better Wellness Through Knowledge!

Our clinic strives to empower the individual with information that can help guide your particular wellness needs. Functional medicine is a philosophy that utilizes science blended with symptom resolution. Normal laboratory ranges are quite variable and often lead to undertreatment of many diseases, especially for hormonal imbalances.


Furthermore, many medical physicians do not even test for many disorders that they treat with potentially harmful medications. For example, many physicians treat mood disorders based on symptoms only and do not employ testing methods to determine various neurotransmitter imbalances. This can lead to problems with tolerating medications and even leading to worsening symptoms.


Our philosophy is to target treatment based on appropriate testing methods. In addition, many common medical disorders have blood tests associated with them that can offer the individual more information about risk, therefore assisting with preventive strategies.


Dr. Laurie Marti provides these specialty services only and does not provide any primary care or emergency services.

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Laurie A. Marti, MD

Residency trained in Family Medicine and licensed to practice medicine in Washington and California.  She is currently accepting NEW patients from the states of Washington and California utilizing convenient virtual telemedicine consultations.


Area of Specialty

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,

Anti-degenerative Medicine, Hormonal balance, genetic mutations (including MTHFR), mitochondrial dysfunction, mold and environmental toxicity and chronic infections.


Life Philosophy

Disease prevention and better physical and mental functionality through customized wellness principles, testing, and treatment.

Typical Testing Services

More than just primary care!

At our clinic, you will be tested for various hormonal, neurotransmitter, immune, infectious, blood disorders, DNA mutations, and nutritional serum levels, not just the basic blood testing done at the majority of physician offices.  The goal is to locate underlying problems that contribute to various symptoms and diseases, as well to identify areas of deficits in order to promote better wellness and disease prevention.  This testing is not performed in the office, but available through take-home kits or via local laboratory facilities, such as PacLab, Quest, or LabCorp. 


Typical testing can include:

  • Serum analysis
  • Urine analysis
  • Saliva testing
  • Stool testing


At this time, Dr. Laurie Marti, MD provides only consultation type services.  She does not offer any in-office treatments.



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